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Feeling Worthy and Your Well Being

You are as worthy as everything and everyone else you care about. The key is to balance how you spend your time so that you are at least on equal par with other things and people that matter to you in your life.

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Open Yourself to Fun

We might overlook the pleasure that our taking pleasure in something (or someone) gives others. A shared laugh, story, or experience, even with a stranger, improves the moods of everyone. And often, if we hold onto the memory of the fun experience, watching a parade of ducks or meeting an old acquaintance while going about the mundane experiences of the day, it makes the stress of those less fun encounters so much more bearable.

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“Oprah, I Told You So!”

She wouldn’t remember. Why would she? It was at least 15 years ago since I appeared as the only guest on her afternoon television program, discussing the benefits of carbohydrates on mood and controlling appetite. After I wrote a book on how nutrients can influence mental performance and mood, one of her many producers asked me to be on her show.

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