The Serotonin Power Diet

Excerpts from the Book

Table of Contents
Part One: The Brain-Weight Connection
Part Two: The Program
Part Three: Planning Your Strategy

Eating carbs and losing weight seem like opposites that never attract. How can you eat the carbohydrates you love when you hate the weight you gain when you eat carbohydrates?

Why has everyone told me to stop eating carbohydrates so that I can be thin?
A. You may be someone who used carbohydrates to help your mood when you were upset and you probably ate carbohydrates with too much fat or ate too much...

Antidepressants and weight gain
Antidepressants and Your Brain
Circle yes or no to each question.
If you are on antidepressant medication for longer than three or four weeks, has it made you?

When life gets in the way of dieting
The age of in-flight dining is over. Now what do you do?

1) Buy a bowl of creamy clam chowder and an oversized cinnamon bun with extra butter at the airport and wolf it down before the flight.

2.) Wait until you check into the hotel and then order a turkey-bacon club sandwich with creamy coleslaw and chips from room service.

3) Pick up a vegetarian wrap and a fresh orange juice from one of the airport terminal cafes to take on the plane. When you get to the hotel, if you feel that you need more carbohydrate, eat the snack you packed.