Sia Weight Gain And Speculations About Her Illness & Facelift. Why She Hide Face All The Time?

Sia Weight Gain

Sia’s Little Introduction

Real nameSia Kate Isobelle Furler
Date of birthDecember 18, 1975
Place of birthAdelaide, South Australia, Australia
Net worth$35 million
OccupationSinger, songwriter, record producer, actress, director, and music video director
Notable songs“Chandelier,” “Cheap Thrills,” “Elastic Heart,” “Titanium,” “Unstoppable”

Sia is no stranger to today’s generation of pop music lovers, with smash hit numbers like “Cheap Thrills”, “Titanium”, “Chandelier”, and “Unstoppable”, among others. Blessed with a distinct vocal quality that is clear as crystal and sharp as a knife, Sia’s songs have struck a different chord with her audiences, and she has gained enormous popularity and recognition for her music.

Known for her characteristic blonde bob, Sia has always been the one to shy away from the glaring limelight and the typical fanfare that comes with being famous. Not many people know a great deal about her – Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian by birth who grew up in Adelaide, with her artist-teacher mother and musically-gifted father.

Born in December 1975, her first stint with music as a career was in the year 1993 when teenager Sia joined the Jazz band “Crisp” as their singer. This extraordinarily gifted singer has been working as a singer and songwriter in Hollywood for many years now and keeps on amazing us with her incredible voice and trademark hairstyle. After “Crisp” disbanded, Sia went on her solo musical journey in the year 1997, and many years down the line, in 2010, she started writing songs for Hollywood music divas like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Celine Dion. This stint has helped her realize her potential as a trustworthy individual because she was privy to many secrets about the personal lives of Hollywood celebs, which influenced a lot of her compositions for them.

Is Sia Weight Gain a Recent Event? Or Has She Been Struggling For Long?

Changes in body weight are natural and can happen to any human being over time, and we all agree to that without any questions. But when it comes to celebrities, the slightest change in body weight that reflects on their appearance raises questions and suspicions about a wide range of things about their private lives. We instantly assume that they might be suffering from some kind of health disorder or they have been under the knife.

The same has been the case with fan-favorite singer Sia’s weight gain because, in some of her recent videos and photos, she seemed to have gained weight. Now, the cause behind her gaining some weight is not yet known since she has never addressed any of the comments about her weight gain.

Sia is often known to be very open about her personal life and has talked about different things starting from her alcohol addiction to drug abuse and rehab. So we cannot also say that she chooses to keep mum on her weight gain, though she has always maintained a certain degree of privacy by hiding her face for most of the time.

What Are The Rumors About Her Facelift?

Recently, at a high-profile beauty awards event, Sia proclaimed that she does not lie about “shit”, implying she does not shy away when it comes to talking about her life. This came right when the award-winning pop singer announced that she had got a wonderful facelift, which she is very proud of. Sia was at the event to present the award for outstanding achievement in medicine to Dr. Ben Talei, a renowned plastic surgeon. As the singer handed the award to her Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei, The singer had only words of appreciation and love for the work he had done for her.

Some sources also added that Sia keeps dropping Dr. Talei’s name whenever her friends compliment her that she looking nice and keeps appreciating him for the immensely good work that he has been doing. So, we can say that before the public got a chance to spread rumors about her facelift, Sia acknowledged it herself, quite unlike many celebs who choose to not talk about their cosmetic upgrades.

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Why Does Sia Hide Her Face All The Time?

We all had been curious for the longest time, as we wanted to get a glimpse of the face behind the famous half-black half-blonde bob or wig that characterized Sia. She says that she chooses to keep away from the public eye and remain unnoticed for the sake of her sanity and privacy. In some interviews, she has talked about the tremendous pressure Hollywood creates about looking a certain way; so the initial excitement of attending fancy parties eventually gave way to feeling stressed about how she looks This stress could also be the reason behind Sia Weight Gain.

People are automatically forced into thinking that they need a tan or lose weight to match up with Hollywood standards of appearance. She does not want to conform to such unfair and superficial standards or let people judge how she looks like. Seemingly, everyone in the entertainment business is insecure, but Sia does not want this trivial stuff to get to her or worry about the camera angle picking up on her double chin. It gets unfair, unreal, and exhausting being a pop star, which is why she prefers to hide her face behind wigs all the time.

Is Sia Suffering From Any Illness?

In the past, Sia talked about her health disorders and mentioned that she was diagnosed with a rare and painful genetic neurological ailment called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects about 1 out of 5,000 people in the world. This condition impacts our connective tissues and results in loose and stretchy skin, hypermobile joints, and continuous fatigue making the patient prone to injuries and pain.

The pop icon shared earlier that she also suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which caused her to feel like she needed to wear her human suit. Only in the last few years has she been feeling better and a lot like herself.

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Sia has intrigued her fans by staying hidden most of the time; her hidden look has piqued the curiosity of her audiences for many years. She has openly talked about many aspects of her personal life and described how she went through diverse phases of addiction and mental health challenges. Her story exemplifies her as an exceedingly talented woman who is also immensely strong and determined to overcome the challenges, life throws at her.


Why Did Sia Gain Weight?

Sia has not publicly disclosed the reason for her weight gain, but it could be due to age, genetics, diet and exercise changes, or a medical condition.

Is Sia’s Weight Gain Related To Her Sickness?

There is no evidence to suggest that Sia is sick. Her weight gain is likely due to other factors, such as age or genetics.

Is Sia Pregnant?

Sia has not announced that she is pregnant, and there is no evidence to suggest that she is.

Is Sia Going To Lose Weight?

Sia has not publicly addressed her weight gain, so it is impossible to say whether or not she plans to lose weight.

Is Sia’s Weight Gain A Sign Of Something More Serious?

Weight gain is not necessarily a sign of something serious, but if you are concerned about your weight gain or experiencing other symptoms, see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

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