How To Love Your Body (No Matter What Shape It’s In)

I believe that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all. All my coaching clients – whether they are seeing me for Serotonin Power Diet-related guidance, overall nutrition coaching or more traditional life coaching – benefit from prioritizing their relationship with themselves over their relationship with others.

Many of us seek love from outside ourselves in the form of admiration, praise, acceptance, and attention We also seek these feelings from other things like food, shopping, our social calendars, and achievements. But they don’t really work in the long run. We need to generate our own feelings of love and acceptance not only for our bodies but also for ourselves. From there, we are better able to receive love and to love others. A relationship with yourself based on love is a win-win for you and for those you love. It might make sense intellectually, but why, then, is it so hard to love ourselves and our bodies?

Unhealthy Messages Received In Childhood Can Impact Self-Care

It’s possible that you received messages from a young age which make it harder to prioritize your needs. Maybe you had a parent who modeled behaving like a martyr, burning the candle at both ends for the sake of the family. Perhaps you were called “selfish” for communicating your own needs. Maybe everyone around you had such giant needs that you had to put yours aside for the sake of family balance. Some of you may have developed a habit of coping with stress or the impact of internalized emotions by overeating because no one made you feel that you mattered enough to share what was going on. It doesn’t matter what led you to prioritize the needs of others before yourself. What’s most important is recognizing it, acknowledging that those behaviors no longer serve you and making a change. 

The Link Between Self-Love & Self-Care

But, what if you regularly critique your body? What if you are more likely to find fault than good in your curves or supposed imperfections? Are you likely to care for it in the same loving way? Probably not. Just as you might treat your own child with more care than someone you dislike, you are likely to treat yourself better with more self-love. This requires a shift in the way you see yourself altogether. Many of my coaching clients have conditional love for their bodies; they love their body when it’s in a certain shape or size, but otherwise feel uncomfortable in their own skin and down on themselves. To achieve true body love, you really need a shift in the way you see yourself.

The Key To Loving Your Body

You don’t need to be in perfect shape to be accepting of your body. My coaching clients who have achieved success in this area come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, it is fine and perfectly normal to want your body to look a certain way or to be slimmer. However, by putting a condition on body love, you are setting yourself up for failure. It can take time to truly love your body, but you can start by simply accepting it – just as is – the way it is today.   Over time, you will grow to love it, no matter what.  How much better would it feel if you really, truly loved your body – just as it is – no matter what. What a relief that would be – and I know it is possible.

Sign Up For A Coaching Package

I invite you to invest in yourself this holiday season and sign up for a coaching package with me. Together, we’ll work to counteract negative media messages about what your body is supposed to look like and let go of unhelpful comparisons. We’ll challenge long-held beliefs about where you fit on the priority list. We’ll build your self-love reserves, prioritize your self-care and say goodbye to negative self-talk. If desired, I can also help you develop a customized nutrition plan to help you feel healthy and have more energy. This is particularly helpful for those dealing with uncontrollable cravings due to medication or those who have struggled for years with emotional overeating.

I truly believe that you deserve to love and accept your body. It would be an honor to guide you on this journey, as your coach. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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