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Comfort Foods: Nostalgia or Stress-relieving?

Fortunately, the increase in emotional comfort and decrease in stress experienced after eating carbohydrates is not dependent on changing food choices or new foods entering the supermarket. Carbohydrates will elicit a positive mood, regardless of whether the food was also eaten by one’s grandparents or is new to the contemporary eater. After eating pasta or quinoa, oatmeal or farro, or orange or purple sweet potatoes, relief from feeling down or anxious or tense.

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Emotional Eating

Using Imagery to Overcome Obstacles

Using imagery to formulate a specific action in response to a specific obstacle can give you clarity about what actions will support your goal, confidence to follow through, and, ultimately, the success you’re aiming for.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Halloween Candy

By eating healthy, low fat carbohydrate options like sweet potatoes and whole grain crackers rather than candy, you’ll eat less, have the benefit of nutritious foods, your cravings will be satisfied sooner, and you’ll be more likely to avoid unwanted weight gain due to SAD.

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Healthy Fats Can Improve Your Mental Health

The type of fat you eat matters. The reason is twofold: to get the health and nutrient benefit of healthy fats, and to avoid the negative effects of unhealthy fats.
Aim for omega-3 fatty acids and organic and grass-fed foods, and avoid processed and trans fats.

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Feeling Worthy and Your Well Being

You are as worthy as everything and everyone else you care about. The key is to balance how you spend your time so that you are at least on equal par with other things and people that matter to you in your life.

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Open Yourself to Fun

We might overlook the pleasure that our taking pleasure in something (or someone) gives others. A shared laugh, story, or experience, even with a stranger, improves the moods of everyone. And often, if we hold onto the memory of the fun experience, watching a parade of ducks or meeting an old acquaintance while going about the mundane experiences of the day, it makes the stress of those less fun encounters so much more bearable.

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Menopause and Weight Gain

Stressful moods, disrupted sleep, and decreased exercise that characterize perimenopause can all contribute to weight gain. An increased appetite for carbohydrates caused by low estrogen and serotonin can also contribute. Think PMS cravings, but for months instead of days.

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