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Why Cranky People Crave Sugar

In all the almost hysterical hype about sugar, one fact is never mentioned. This sugar craving by emotionally unhappy individuals may be a symptom of something awry with their serotonin levels.

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How Your Friends Influence Your Weight

To Sally (not her real name), who wrote to me recently about her 100-pound weight gain after being given antidepressant medications for fibromyalgia, the recent study carried out by a group from the Massachusetts General Hospital will come as a surprise.

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woman eating broccoli

Surgery Can Remove Hunger, But Can It Also Remove the Emotional Need to Eat?

Dieting may be the traditional method for losing weight. Yet more and more obese individuals are giving up counting calories and measuring their food and instead are turning to surgery. Advances in bariatric surgery over the past 10 or so years has made possible a relatively short, simple operation to turn the pouch-like stomach into a skinny sleeve that holds no more than 2 to 7 ounces of food.

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Who’s Helping You Lose Weight From Your Antidepressant?

Good news: By now even mental health care givers know what their patients have known for years. Most drugs taken to relieve the symptoms of mental illness cause weight gain. Bad news: There are probably more places to buy larger size clothing than weight-loss programs specifically designed to remove the pounds the medications added to your body.

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pasta and vegetables

Alcohol Withdrawal Mood Swings: Might Eating Carbs Help?

My generally friendly and calm neighbor was heard complaining about the number of dogs in our building. His comments seem strange, seeing that he once had a dog himself and was often seen petting the dogs of other owners. “Be tolerant of him,” whispered another neighbor. “He just stopped drinking and has the bad mood that goes along with alcohol withdrawal.”

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burger and fries

Why Do I Feel So Hungry When I Just Ate?

The woman who came to see me for weight loss, let’s call her Ann, was about 40 pounds overweight and frustrated, in her words, by, “…a lifetime of weight loss followed by weight gain.” Her problem, she thought, was that when she felt hungry she liked to eat protein because it filled her up. But then she still wanted to eat carbohydrates even though she was full from the protein.

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plant in the rain

2 Surprising Ways To Combat Winter & PMS Woes

“I hate winter. It’s not just the ice, the shoveling, too many snow days, and long traffic-congested commutes. What I really hate is that my PMS becomes unbearable. From November to April, I dread those days before my period comes because I turn into Attila the Hun!“ So stated a weight-loss client of mine. She is not alone.

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woman running in a field

Give Yourself the Gift of Energy

Fatigue seems to be as ubiquitous as complaints about the weather. But it is especially prevalent during the holidays for obvious and not so obvious reasons. The obvious: buying, wrapping and sending presents, food shopping and preparation, decorating the house, travel or hosting guests, and so forth.

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jeans too big

Are You Losing More Than Weight on a High Protein Diet?

Adherents of high-protein/low-or no-carbohydrate diets have, to some extent, hijacked the discussion of whether we should still be eating carbohydrates. Indeed, for some militant followers, carbs are seen as leading only to brain and body decay, and are to be avoided at all costs. Well, maybe it is time to reconsider this attitude.

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