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There are many articles proposing that nutritional inadequacies contribute to, or are actually responsible for, depression, and at the very least, potentiate it. However, it is not obvious which comes first: nutritional deficiencies or mental health disorders.

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It’s Time To Clear Up Carb Confusion

Carbs are not all bad or, in huge quantities or when consumed with excessive fat, all good. However, we would argue, especially for individuals with antidepressant weight gain and emotional overeating, carbs are a necessary part of one’s daily food consumption, both for nutritional reasons and for helping to create a greater sense of calm.

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Recipe of the Month: Gingerbread Cookies

Who doesn’t love gingerbread this time of year, with it’s warming spice and nostalgia to summon Santa Claus? Here is a cookie recipe, perfect for a Serotonin Power Diet snack, to include in your healthier holiday repertoire.

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