Success Stories ~ Chronic Pain

Migraine Relief

We're hearing from more and more readers that The Serotonin Power Diet improves their migraine symptoms. Here's one reader's story:


I found the book when I was searching for infomation on serotonin. I am looking
for ways to change (increase) brain serotonin in relation to brain function and
headaches. My husband had an increasing number of headaches, which the
neurologist calls migraines and he mentioned that lower levels of serotonin
(suspected to decrease as we age) may trigger headaches. My husband also had an
MRI, CT scan and allergy tests to rule out other reasons for the increase in
headaches. So after researching sertonin and finding this particular diet we
have changed the way my husband is eating and we have seen a decrease in the
number and severity of his headaches. We are seaching for a natural way to
solve this particular problem. We are not necessarily interested in the weight
loss aspect (husband is 6 ft 3 in and weighs 183 pounds today) - but he has lost
some weight (4-5 pounds in 2 weeks) , feels good and does not feel as hungry
between meals. He does not crave snack foods as before - it
has definitely affected his appetite, as the diet is supposed to. He will
continue on the diet to see how much we can improve the headache situation. I
will add that this diet was not suggested by his neurologist - who has no
knowledge of his change in diet.
- Pat


Binge control

From a reader who discovered The Serotonin Power Diet on the internet:

I have IBS [inflammatory bowel disease]. I have battled with depression all of my life. I thought I needed medication again. I have been following your diet for a week and it has improved my life in a short amount of time.

This plan helps control my binge eating. I have to remember to eat. I am not a big meat eater, so this makes so much sense. I cannot believe I can eat the foods I have been avoiding for over two years. My weight got up to 185 last month. When I started the diet on Friday March 30, I weighed 178. I did the diet, and I was down to 168 without clothes by Thursday of last week [April 5]...I had not seen 168 in months. I must admit if I get off track, I will binge, and my weight will go up. I messed up over the three day Easter break, but now I am back on track. I was out of town; I was traveling alot, which is no excuse. I realize how important it is to eat on schedule and to eat the right food combinations and portions.

This diet helped me deal with my PMS. I am always out of control during my last two weeks of my cycle. I did some research on the internet, and I discovered your book. I have tried Cymbalta, and I had great success with it two years ago. It was the only drug of its kind that ever worked for me. I read its active ingredients. I figured I needed to try to eat more food that would mimic this in my brain, and low and behold I found your plan! It works so much faster than medication. I will share this with all my friends! More women need to try it. I cannot wait until you create a specific food guide to take out all the guess work!

- Janene


Dieting used to be hell

I was on low-carb diet for all of three days when I felt I was spiraling into total meltdown. As my mood plummeted, my carb cravings reached an all-time high and I obsessed about anything made with flour. I was such a bitch my co-workers suggested that I relocate to the space station—permanently. By day four, the diet plan was in the trash and I was digging into a pot of pasta. Since I went on The Serotonin Power Diet, I still eat protein, of course, but mainly at breakfast and lunch. By snacking on crackers, cereal, or even some marshmallows when I really have a sweet tooth and filling up on a satisfying portion of pasta or potatoes for dinner has made me sane again…and I’ve kept 20 pounds off!

- Ellen, Framingham, MA.