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The Serotonin Power Diet
Use Your Brain's Natural Chemistry to Cut Cravings, Curb Emotional Overeating, and Lose Weight!

by Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, and Nina Fruztajer, MD

Harness You Brain's Chemical Power for Easy and Safe Weight Loss

Is it possible to lose weight while feeling content and satisfied? Will you ever get to eat the foods you love and crave without packing on pounds? At last, it's possible to answer those questions with a resounding "Yes!" Based on decades of research and clinical tests, THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET (Rodale Inc. / January 2010 / $15.99 / paperback) solves the puzzle once and for all.

Plain and simple, we gain weight because we take in too many calories, especially when we're stressed or upset. Other popular diets chastise us, claiming that we lack willpower and dedication, but the real issue lies in our brain chemistry. When we're upset, our bodies signal our brain to produce an important chemical, called serotonin, which calms us and shuts off our appetite. But serotonin can only be made when we have certain building blocks in our bloodstream — and eating carbs is the trigger that lets our bodies start the production process.

THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET shows readers how to eat in order to maximize their bodies' serotonin production. The end result? Fewer cravings, control over emotional overeating, feelings of well-being, and fast and effortless weight loss.

Based on over 30 years of pioneering research on the connections between food, mood, brain, and appetite, internationally renowned scientist Dr. Judith Wurtman and Dr. Nina T. Frusztajer devised and clinically tested this breakthrough program. At last, the brain — and not emotions — is in charge of food intake. Drs. Wurtman and Frusztajer have guided hundreds of clients to successful weight loss on their simple real-life plan. In fact, at the Adara weight loss centers founded by the authors, clients have lost on average 2 pounds of pure fat (and not water weight) each week.

How It Works

On THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET, you'll journey through three phases of eating: Serotonin Surge, Serotonin Balance, and Serotonin Control. In Serotonin Surge, the first phase, readers will eat three satisfying meals plus three serotonin-boosting, high-carb snacks each day. These snacks can be "forbidden" foods, like sugary cereal, pretzels, or even licorice sticks. This frequent snacking will activate serotonin: the body's appetite- and mood-control system. Since evenings can be challenging, readers will further increase serotonin production with a satisfying dinner comprised of delicious carbohydrates. Pasta lovers, rejoice!

After two weeks of boosting serotonin production, readers will move into the second phase, Serotonin Balance, where they will remain for the next six weeks. Snacks are reduced to two per day, but other meals shift their protein/carbohydrate balance to accommodate the difference.

The last phase of the diet, Serotonin Control, can be followed for as long as readers wish to lose weight. Snack frequency drops to one per day, but the variety broadens dramatically. Consider these enticing treats: Hostess Twinkies, vanilla wafers, Skinny Cow desserts, and more!

Drs. Wurtman and Frusztajer have worked with hundreds of clients who have successfully lost weight on THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET. They know the pitfalls and questions most frequently encountered, and they've proven that extra support makes the difference for their clients. In order to provide readers with the best of their research and experience, they've included research behind the diet, details on how to get started, and a 12-week plan to follow through three phases. THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET also takes it a step further by offering troubleshooting advice (Chapter Ten), tips on maintaining weight loss (Chapter Eleven), a shopping list (Chapter Twelve), basic meals and quick kitchen tricks (Chapter Thirteen), and over 75 full recipes (Chapter Fourteen).

A Solution for Antidepressant-Related Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most common, and frustrating, side effects of antidepressant drug therapy, and we're not talking about a couple pounds. On average, antidepressant users typically gain 15 to 35 pounds, if not more. There are no reliable measures of how many users suffer, but consider this: according to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 26 million people in the United States are diagnosed with clinical depression. As many as one in four adults in the United States suffers from some form of depression. Additionally, in the year 2005, 122.5 million prescriptions for SSRIs (the most common type of antidepressants) were written in the United States. One can only imagine how many millions of people are susceptible to this weigh- gain side effect.

THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET was developed at a Harvard University affiliated hospital weight loss clinic to help people on antidepressants lose weight. It is the only diet clinically shown to successfully treat antidepressant-related weight gain.

Summing It Up

Nature seems to have tagged serotonin as the only food-dependent brain chemical. At the same time, nature did us all an enormous favor. By being able to manufacture serotonin by eating sweet or starchy carbohydrates, we can tap into a built-in appetite suppressant and mood regulator.

That's why THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET is based on maximizing serotonin production. This carb-friendly, serotonin-producing diet will satisfy your appetite--even as you consume fewer calories. If antidepressants are causing you to overeat, this diet will give you the control you seek. It will take away the mental fatigue that keeps you overweight and unhappy. And THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET will buffer you when you respond to stresses with an urge to overeat. So what are you waiting for?


Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, is recognized worldwide for her pioneering research into the relationship of food, mood, brain, and appetite. Wurtman is the author of five books for the general public and more than 40 peer-reviewed articles for professional publications. She received her Ph.D. at George Washington University and her B.A. at Wellesley College. Judith splits her time between Massachusetts and Florida.

Nina Frusztajer, MD, MS, received her master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University and her medical degree from George Washington University. Her articles on weight, stress, and lifestyle have appeared in numerous publications. With Judith Wurtman, she founded the Adara weight loss centers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Miami. She lives in California.

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