The Serotonin Power Diet


Eating carbs and losing weight seem like opposites that never attract. How can you eat the carbohydrates you love when you hate the weight you gain when you eat carbohydrates?

This love-hate relationship often dictates how you try to lose weight. You avoid carbohydrates by going on a high-protein diet. When you inevitably go off the diet, carbohydrates are the first foods you reach for and overeat. What are you supposed to do?

Or, when you are stressed, all good intentions to watch your carbohydrate intake are tossed aside. It's as though an uncontrollable force pulls you toward anything that is sweet or starchy or both. As the stress mounts and the pounds add on you feel powerless to stop eating the carbohydrates. What are you supposed to do?

Maybe you never had a weight problem until you, like millions of others, began to take anti-depressants. For a reason you can't fathom, you never seem full, no matter how much you eat. Suddenly carbohydrates are the only food you really want. And as you give in to this new craving, the weight goes up. What are you supposed to do?

At last, there is an answer, based on decades of research and clinical experience. You must eat carbohydrates to lose weight and you must eat carbohydrates to maintain the loss.